Exploded View Marketing. Top of the line marketing components that fit in with businesses in the Houston area.

What is Exploded View Marketing?

Exploded View Marketing is a small dedicated marketing consultant firm in the Greater Houston Area that works on the same principles as an exploded view drawing: it easily shows how components of a whole fit/work together. After years of working with companies of many sizes, we noticed a startling trend: most marketing efforts were fragmented. It became increasingly difficult to have a clear picture of how all the components were working together. Our ultimate goal is to make it easy to integrate marketing components.

What is you modus operandi?

Our M.O.: bring corporate level marketing knowledge to the business that has a passion to succeed. We do this by having a lean operating model. Low overhead costs, high reinvestment in technology, and scheduling a limited number of projects allows the small business owner to benefit tremendously.

We are not 'fly by night' artists. We're in it for the long-haul.

We wish to be an integral part of our customer's success. We want to be seen as a partner in achieving success, not as a vendor simply looking for a profit.