Breathtaking and Easy to find. Web Design + Search Engine Optimization or Local Search Optimization for business in the Greater Houston Area.

Balance beauty with brains, as in Web Design and SEO. A strong online presence has become absolutely critical, regardless of the website's goal. Here are the steps we take when producing a strong, custom website solution for your business:

Isolate customer demographics, agree on a navigation user interface and decide on a general structure.

Our market research allows us to tailor the website to the end user. The end result: a website that reflects your company's image and 'talks' to your core customer group. Your website doesn't do this? We can review your website to see if we can make a difference. Visit our contact page and request a FREE, NO OBLIGATION website review.

Competitive Research to consider your competitor's website

What are the strengths of your competitor's website, what are their weaknesses? Having this information at hand when designing a website is essential to help your business dominate.

Four Drafts of the main page and a Section page.

Our team will draft mockups of the site. The key is to pinpoint the 'feel' you are looking for and allowing us to have a great user interface. This is a crucial step that determines the rest of website's structure.

Our team will code the site and use compelling graphics, powerful marketing photography and videos . We refuse to use 'cookie-cutter' templates. A hard working business deserves more.

We refuse to buy pre-built website templates. Your idea is transformed into a electronic masterpiece.

Pre-publishing testing, launch and continous refinement to ensure high natural search rakings.

We'll do extensive testing on a test server. Every link will be looked at, we'll ensure cross-browser compatability (fancy way of saying we'll make sure it works with the browsers your customers use ) and ensure persons with disabilities can easily use the site. After the launch, we'll using advanced analytics tools to measure effectiveness and overall use. Refinements will be made until there is a satisfactory page rank on the major search engines for your keywords that also complement your search engine marketing strategy.