Be a stronger performer with Search Engine Marketing (Google ® AdWords, Yahoo ®, Microsoft® AdCenter) and customized email marketing that works.

Done right, Search Engine Marketing can have an amazing impact on your bottom line. Caveat: it can seem like a waste of money if there is not careful oversight and effort. Exploded View Marketing takes care of:

Testing multiple ads for optimal adcopy and keyword research.

Our team has experience in generating sales through online marketing by having testing the adcopy as well as the keywords used for our ads. It's amazing how one small variation of an ad can greatly increase the conversion rates per click. We do the dirty work for you.

Broad Match, Phrase Match, Exact Match, Quality Score, Campaign Groups, Keywords, Negative Keywords....

The terms add up, and can become mind-numbing. We can manage the your online campaigns on the backend and track the progress.

Email Marketing tactics from Fortune 500 companies for the hard-working small business. Why our email marketing is effective:

Honest subscriptions from consenting customers.

Unwanted email is usually blocked by filters in customer's email program. Sending unwanted emails to clients that didn't sign up can cause your emails to be blacklisted- totally couter-productive. Make it easy to subscribe and unsubscribe is critical.

Extremely effective subscription methods

Exploded View focuses on attracting quality email leads. The best way to do this is providing quality content and useful information for the potential customer. If a potential client is interested in a benefit that is being offered, they will be more than happy to provide some limited details about them. Consider: whitepapers, discounts, monthly newsletter.

In both Search Engine Marketing and Email Marketing, we design your website to have strong landing pages.

A great ad or a great email is nothing without a great landing page. It should have a call to action and move your visitors to act.

We will shape landing pages to make sure they are effective. This maximizes your ROI on Search Engine Marketing and Email Marketing Efforts.