Market Research for small business. In this case, it's WHO you know + WHAT you know.

Market Research is a crucial factor to determine your overall marketing strategy. Exploded View Marketing helps small businesses answer key questions, like:

1. Understand their competitors

We can help your team take a step back to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your competitor's. How are they superior to your company, and how are they inferior? Though this investigation can take weeks or months, it is a powerful way to have a proactive marketing approach. Be the leader.

2. Understand their company's strengths and weaknesses

Understanding this aspect can be very difficult, especially when so much energy and talent has gone into the company. But consider what area can undermine everything you have done? Let's work on improving that. Having this information is powerful data for internal and external marketing.

3. Measure and Manage perceived values

What do your customers consider most important? Consumer research can help identify why clients choose your company over the competitor. Is it convenience? Is it quality? Is it price? What is valuable in your eyes may not translate to what is valuable in your clients eyes. Knowing this difference can help attract and retain customers.

4. Product/Service Positioning.

You've had success, but it's time to take it to the next level. Knowing how to position your product or service is crucial for that next step. What will this do? Attract more customers and beat competitors. We can help you indentify the most effective marketplace positioning.