Successful spanish-languange marketing for small business is not translation.

Market to one of the fastest growing demographics for major metropolitan areas such as Houston. Understanding that market segment is paramount in order for businesses to effectively promote their product or service to the hispanic community. Exploded View Marketing strives to:

Convey the idea correctly.

Being bilingual isn't the only qualification to reach the hispanic market. On one end, text-book spanish may be outdated, which impedes the message from resonating in the community. On the other end, badly written spanish can completely water down a powerful message. A succesful team will be able to uderstand the language, the idioms used, and the culture to convey the idea effectively.

There is much work needed to truly support spanish-speaking customers.

All our marketing compenents are available in Spanish ( web design + seo, market research, search engine marketing + email marketing, multimedia production, and graphic design ).

Understand the dynamics of the hispanic market

Though the same language is spoken, there are many dynamics at work in this complex market segment. Consider: education level, family status, how many generations their family has lived here and what country they trace their roots to. As with traditional market research, Exploded View Marketing will find the segment within this demographic that your product/service will be targeted to. It would be unwise to try to target ALL English speakers; the same rule applies here. Let us do the work.