There are some things you should know.

We get a lot of questions; this is a compilation of some of the most common ones.

I compared your quote with your competitors... why are you less expensive?

First of all, we applaud you for shopping around. You should get the best fit for your company. But you may have noticed that Exploded View Marketing usually costs less for the same level of service. This is possible thanks to our lean marketing model; that is, we only invest in that which makes sense. Our overhead is very minimal. Also, when we take on a project, we're in it for the long haul. We want that company to be our customer for life.

Isn't it cheaper for me to simply hire someone to do my marketing?

It could be. Here are some things to consider:

It is impossible for one person to be very good at everything

Each of the creative professionals on our small team have dedicated roles to ensure key aspects of your marketing are done right.

Our average involvement with your company will only cost about as much as an entry-level employee

A dedicated marketing manager can cost upwards of $60k a year, not counting their benefits package such as vacation, sick days, bonuses, etc. In most cases, it makes financial sense to use us.

Software and Equipment can cost about $10-$20k every two years

By using our services, your business can reduce capital expenses. It is very hard to keep up with technology. We do that for you.

I already have some good marketing in place, can you work with what I have?

Absolutely! Most of our experience has been with developing strong working relationships with others; we have even coordinated efforts across the globe! Just let us know what you have in place and who we need to work with...we'll do the rest.

What is your philosophy on web design?

First of all, we take in as much information as we can from the client and use that as a foundation for a succesful website launch.

Exploded View designs with the following in mind:

Will you use search engine marketing and email marketing?:

Landing pages are crucial for any online campaign. We develop a good structure so the potential customer finds what they need immediately.

HTML for information, CSS for design, Javascript for the finishing touch

Usability is key. Unfortunately, many web designers start with the 'flashy' content first. But this is like laying down expensive wood flooring on a house before the frame and electrical wiring is finished...there's bound to be some complications. By using HTML to convey the information, CSS to make it look nice, and Javascript to add some nice finishes, your company will have a nice, usable website. The plus is that Search Engines like a well-built site, too.

We do not use Flash for main content

It is very difficult to make a web site optimized for search engines using Flash. In the end, most of the Flash websites we come across have functionality that is available with other, more visible technologies. We push the limit on SEO friendly technologies first, then move to other technologies. Our focus is you website's success.